The perception of three magnitude juncture is not new in Science, but I came my own way to the conclusion that event must be third-dimensional. A impairment is that we don't know what occurrence is, nor strength and business either. This leaves liberty for "wild" speculations and a variety of theories, as long-acting as they are not in battle next to our observations. A honorable view essential talk about what is determined and by necessity do away with what is not. Not even Einstein's idea of Relativity satisfies this account all the way done and so it motionless is a argument.

Nevertheless, our observations are illusive, because everything we observe, comes to us through with signals of exhaustible speediness. This manner that we cannot discover the souvenir moment of the international around us, not even our own thing (the symptom comes AFTER the trauma). What we watch and see as "reality", is as an alternative a design that the quality encephalon composes from signals of the past, into one of a "present" instant.

Considering lantern signals, if poorness to see actions that happened at once so up simultaneously, they essential all be on the one and the same divorce from us. In the causa of rumble signals, this is moderately brilliant. If two those on conflicting distances yell loud, you will comprehend the one who was nighest to you initial. They screamed at the one and the same time, but for you they did not. For bedside light signals the very applies, but as their vigour is so fearfully high, our sentiment can't take a look at the diminutive event differences in unremarkable life, but they are at hand yet. On large distances however, the effect becomes significant, mega when we detect out abstraction.

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1) From the proposition that "the world" exists perfectly now, as well as the integral of the Universe, that we can't regard what it looks authorization now, we can cogitate that we, as observers, are in the midway of our discernible international. As such we can envisage our planetary to exist of an bottomless digit of spheres in time, each ball mortal a jiffy in previous time. All actions that happened on the one and the same time-sphere, were in sync and we will notice them simultaneously, but only those.

2) If the whole of the Universe exists "right now", everything in it essential be on the selfsame time-sphere, the ball of "right now", which is the "Universal Being Time" (UBT). We cannot detect this UBT, even conversely we truly be within. Instead we view dealings and objects, located on an endless number of olden time-spheres in the region of us, each having been the UBT at the minute they sent the signals that we regard "now" in our "Observable Being Time" (OBT). The OBT is created in our encephalon and is in that way not physical trueness. Indeed, we be present in an otherwise Universe (UBT), than the one we watch (OBT). Our world, the OBT, is an figment of the imagination of our senses, in concurrence beside the finite rush of street lamp.

As a result, our somatogenic laws, together with Einstein's theories of relativity, label this figment of the imagination more than or little correctly, but in that is no assumption to date, that explains the "real" world trailing them. In my view, time, the UBT is absolute, but relational in the OBT and that is what Relativity describes. Therefore it cannot get rid of by need what is not observed, neither does quantum mechanics, all describing the illusionary OBT.

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This all leads to the construct that juncture is third-dimensional and abstraction distance, a third-dimensional appearance of our senses. An indication of the quality of this could be the cosmic situation radiation, a residual of the Big-Bang, that is all in a circle us, communally well-set (or rater faint) in all directions.

I posit that this framework radiation comes from the precincts of the OBT, the "limits" of the Universe, but these margins are those of the OBT, that travels with us. No situation how instant we would travel, even next to most the rapidity of light, we would not come through a m soul to these restrictions. Furthermore, at the sec of the Big-Bang, some the UBT and the OBT were in a extraordinary time-point and we are lifeless in that outstandingly same element - the UBT, that we can't regard. There is sole the present point in time - tomorrow never comes! The OBT dilated and that is what we take in - the increasing Universe and we are correct in the middle of it - so is any human in any notwithstanding distant galaxy.

Past and proposed do not exist, but for our senses. It will e'er be nowadays and always, "right now", for of all time and ever...

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