Have you ever heard the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it?" I was present a seminar vindicatory end week when I detected the moderator say precisely that. Of course, everyone in the legroom comprehended his meaning, as we all do, but in the commercial world, doing things the way we e'er have can price us customers, money, and upright organization.

Instead of allowing processes to go on righteous because they appear to work, we should choose an attitude of Continual Improvement, ever sounding for a way to variety the procedure better, even if "it ain't penniless."

There is an old relation more or less a childly young lady small indefinite quantity her Mother deep-fry evening meal. As the Mother was swing the ham into the pan, she cut off a small-scale serving on respectively line-up. Curiously the childlike girl asked, "Why do we ever cut the ends off the ham beforehand we put it in the oven?" The female parent replied, "I don't cognise dear, it's retributive the way Grandma ever did it. Let's phone call and ask her why." So they did. When asked, the Grandmother responded near the identical answer, "It's the way my Mother ever did it." So they titled the babyish girl's Great Grandmother and once more asked, "Why do we ever cut the ends off the ham until that time we put it in the pan?" The Great Grandmother replied, "I don't cognise why you do it, I did it because I ne'er had a pan big decent to surround the undivided ham."

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So you see, we can go along indefinitely doing the self thing, the identical way we always have, even although cipher seems to be broken, when in fact, if we would choose the attitude of Continual Improvement we would fire up to ask key questions, the largest one being, Why?

If you poorness to put together your conglomerate "the record-breaking it can be", to get from the Army slogan, gawp nearly at those processes that "ain't broke" and revolutionize them, and the subsequent clip you comprehend mortal say, "If it ain't bust don't fix it", let it remind you to fix thing today.

To Your Success,

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