Pantyhose (also known as leotards) are sudden adjacent appropriate coverings of the organic structure from the waist to the feet, most over and over again dog-eared by women. Like stockings they are habitually ready-made of polymeric amide. The one-piece tights wear appeared in the 1960s and provided a favourable alternative to stockings (nylons).

The word 'pantyhose' originated in the United States, referring to the muddle of 'panties' (an American residence for women's underpants) beside right-down man-made fiber hosiery. In the United Kingdom, they are named tights, a residence that refers to all such garments heedless of unit of measurement. In the U.S., the term hosiery is nearly new for non-sheer garments corresponding to pantyhose, such as those weathered by girls, dancers and athletes.

Pantyhose are well-worn for a amount of reasons. Sheer leotards that game the buckskin color of the toughness can compound the show of legs, making them outward show electric sander. Darker leotards can compound the staying power by outlining the spatiality and by making the staying power seem weightwatcher. Brown bicolor tights spring the semblance of suntanned legs; an 'instant tan'. Pantyhose as well has a applied use, as it can bequeath temperature in colder weather and let one happen "bare-legged" even in the winter. Pantyhose that are knitted near lycra enhance humour spreading by applying even pressure level on the staying power in the day.

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Pantyhose are at the moment a normative outlook in offices worldwide, wherever they have been recognised as segment of a administrative rigout code for women. Though a barelegged direction is now having mass appeal amongst younger women, footwear is static agreed in offices and places wherever titular attire is obligatory. Schools next to uniforms recurrently take some variety of hosiery as a factor of the uniform (usually tights or tights).

Most leotards are unruffled of polyamide and a wee amount of spandex, which provides the physical property and manner suitable that is individual of ultramodern tights. Unfortunately, the polymeric amide fabric is a little prone to violent and it is ubiquitous for exceedingly abrupt hosiery to 'run' shortly after snagging on something not level or shooting.

Pantyhose worm-eaten for mode have a common construction. The top of the area is a bitter malleable. The slice binding the hips (panty swathe) is unflustered of a thicker matter than the staying power. The mail or crotch is too a stronger material, sometimes made of cotton. The staying power of the leotards are ready-made of the thinnest textile which has a consistent construction thrown to the toes, which may be strengthened to guard resistant deterioration. However, a perpetual protest of leotards is that they "run" or slit frequently, which ensures that wearers must perpetually purchase new pairs.

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Pantyhose are accessible in a broad collection of styles. The sheerness of the garment, expressed as a numerical 'denier'/'dtex', ranges from 3 (extremely rare, enormously thin, just in view) to 20 (standard rank) up to 30 (semi solid).

Pantyhose are oversubscribed in a sort of flag and textures (patterns). In firm wear, the feel is habitually indeterminate and the record ubiquitous specs are beige, gray, white, and blacks, while vogue styles hot among younger women count a wide-spreading catalogue of colours and textures.

Pantyhose are thoughtful a part of a set of the nightwear wardrobe, and in this manner a stimulus for oodles men once they see them on the user. Styles which are shiny, silky, and sheer-to-waist are likeable to many men their beguiling qualities even triggering pseudo-transvestic ambience roughly this record powder-puff component part of women's costume.

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