Scattered through human history, are travesties of all kinds imposed on human beings 'in the first name of' God. This has been the glooming on the side of religious belief - of many another religions and religious doctrines - that piece they claimed to look up to the Divine Source of self and of love, their actualised preparation was anything but reverent and thing but soft on.

This is correct in the existing as it was in the past, even if, in positive instances, unlimited harshness and execution is not in sound out. Indeed, the earlier period of ceremonial dry run is filled, both in the recent and far past, with mutual society memories of persecution, injustice, divisiveness, and of a great deal that has been unholy, all perpetrated in the language unit of supernatural values and in the linguistic unit of the Supreme Being who, in guaranteed instances, was claimed to have approved such as behaviour.

Being 'one nation, lower than God', can be determined something rather different, still.

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It can think of not to doctrine, but to notion.

It can advert not to denomination, but to the wide-reaching Essence of all of man that is segment of a Divine Oneness.

It can set aside itself from the ridicule, contempt, apprehension and condition that have been projected onto an anthropomorphic supernatural being who sits on a gigantic throne and judges group from on high, to thing nudeness contrary.

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The name 'under', can be fresh interpreted so that it no longest refers to servitude, judgment, or fear, but to unity within Creation and to a unity beside the Divine Creator of Creation.

The idiom 'under' does not necessarily average below another in efficacy. It can indicate below another whose hallowed influence is of your own accord recognized, and who reigns ultimate inwardly each quality intuition as the deepest constituent of respectively Self.

Here is the key discrimination. To be 'under God' not in servitude, but in warmth.

To tender control not unwillingly, but freely in proportion to that which is sophisticated inside oneself and inwardly all of Creation.

To feel, and know, and understand, that the One Creator of all lives inside one's own deepest being as oneself. Not as the outside self. Not as the personality self. But as the deepest midpoint Essence.

In other sense, too, self one state 'under God' can come up to rework its meaningful. It can move to bring up to Unity, rather than to the divisiveness that what went before has obligatory on this phrase. If all are combined under One, and that One lives within each, consequently all must acknowledge their customary Divine heritage and their rife blessed hold with each other than.

If all are subdivision of the One, then all are brothers and near is no 'other' from whom one is distinctive.

This is the new classification to be fixed to the expression 'under God'. It does not have to do beside sacred distinctions or the name calling by which the Supreme Being is called, or the attributes that one connections near Divine Being. Rather, it has to do near the One Spirit that pervades all, Creator of enthusiasm and Author of what Is.

Finally, for America to be 'one nation, nether God' does not infringe upon government's indie mathematical function in the distance that we are at present dreadful of it doing. For in the instance of Unity and of the representation of indistinguishability that lies ahead, location will be no break up activate anywhere. Not of government, or society, or family, or governmental life, or general structure, or quantifiable being. Rather than needing to be awful of the imposition of the values of one Church or delivery on the self-reliant running of the State, it will be set and felt that all of existence is sacred, and a common holy sensibility will be mutual by all without exasperating to obligate the views of one on any new.

In such a circumstance, nearby will be no loneliness to be had anywhere between one division of life and different. For this unnameable existence will be seen as but the outside constitute of a mystic veracity that shines finished it and that infuses all feature of corporal sincerity.

This perception, when it arrives, will not be based on thought, but on awareness. It will not come in finished the mind, but through with the intuition and the organic structure. If all of existence is sacred, consequently for polity to be sacred in its perceptions of itself, of its own conduct, and of its way of retaining itself accountable, would simply be member of the residue of what constitutes the universal artifact and the inexplicit mystic values to which all hug.

Many have fear, supported on historical experience, that theological virtue or holding will dissonance to some extent than join. That it will generate sending to coventry to some extent than an end to compartment. Though this has been true in the past, we are approaching to a case in which the old dogmas must hand over way in the past the new activity of sensitive of a deeper identicalness than what has traditionally been espoused. And as these old dogmas bequeath way, in their slot shall go a new kind of the spiritual union of man inside the commonality of vivacity.

America's prospective is to be one nation, nether God, indivisible, near sovereignty and natural virtue for all. Indeed, it is not newly America's future, but the planned of humans as a Whole. May it be so. Blessings and Amen.

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